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What is the size of a single bed frame?

A small single bed frame is 3 feet wide (91cm) and 6 fewer 3 inches long (190cm). Single bed frames are ideal for maximising small spaces and are often used in bedrooms used by guests or children. Single bed frames are sometimes referred to as twin beds (in such places as hotels) where two singles will be placed within the same bedroom. Read more about UK bed sizes with our UK Bed Sizes: The Bed And Mattress Size Guide.

What types of single beds are available?

We have a large selection of styles available to suit all needs. Whether you’re in need of extra storage or you’re after a particular look such as an antique looking bed frame, we have you covered.

Ottoman single bed frames

Ottoman bed frames are commonly found within double bed sizes and bigger, but here at MyBedFrames we have ottoman’s available in a single bed frame size. Ottoman bed frames are perfect as a space-saving solution as they will give you the freedom to utilise the space underneath the bed frame and mattress to store away items.

Divan single bed frames

Divan bed bases offer similar advantages as an ottoman bed frame in that they can come equipped with space-saving drawers. Maximise your bedroom space by utilising easy-glide drawers to keep bedrooms clutter-free. Our single divan bed frames are also available in a low to the floor base as well as a base that sits on wonderfully crafted wooden legs.

Antique single bed frames

Antique style bed frames are traditional in look and can offer a room an air of elegance that other bed frames cannot. Wow guests with these amazing looking bed frames which are typically made from metal.

Modern style bed frames

Antique style bed frames not for you? Choose from our range of modern looking single bed frames to help finish off the look of your bedroom. Kids and adults alike can enjoy these bed frames that come in all types of materials such as metal, fabric and wood.

Choosing your single bed frame material

While the functionality of your bed frame is important, you should not forget about the material as this could also have quite a big impact on the styles and colours available.

Upholstered single beds

Fabric upholstered single beds are fantastic at adding texture and a sense of luxury to your bedroom. All of our divan beds are upholstered in fabric and come in a wide range of colours to choose from.

Metal single beds

Metal bed frames come in a variety of styles and colours. From traditional intricately made antique style bed frames to the more modern ‘block’ style, we have them all.

Wooden single bed frames

For a more classic look, opt for a wooden bed frame. These frames are great for just about any bedroom and give off a relaxing vibe to help you settle in for the night.