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Premium quality divan bed bases at affordable prices. If you're after functionality and style, look no further than our divan bed bases. Each divan base has a platform top with an anti-slip fabric to ensure your mattress does not move.

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Divan Bed Bases

Bring elegance and style into your home by purchasing one of our luxury fabric divan bed bases. But don’t worry – it won’t cost you the earth, as you can save up to 60% off the recommended retail prices of our fabric divan bed base collection.

Our selection of Super King Size, King Size, Double, Small Double and Single bed bases offer a style for every eventuality - from the contemporary styling of our low divan bed bases, ideal for an attic room or where access is tight, to the deep bases with drawer storage or our ottoman bases which lift either at the end or the side, giving an excellent dust free storage area.

Whether you’re looking for something that would look right at home in the humblest of rural cottage bedrooms, or perhaps want to opt for an altogether contemporary fabric bed base that serves as the focal point of your bedroom, then you’re sure to find what you need right here at MyBedFrames.

Why choose a divan bed base?

Divan bed bases have a great range of reasons as to why you should consider one for your home.

1. Space Saving Solutions

Space is always at a premium in any home. Taking advantage of that space is a way to combat any clutter than can occur in modern homes.

We offer a myriad of fabric upholstered styles that utilise its base in order to maximise storage space. Our divan bed bases will arrive in two parts, allowing you to maneuver your new bed through tight hallways and staircases.

The low divan bed makes it even easier to navigate through tight spaces, ensuring you can get the bed of your dreams to the needed room.

2. Multiple Storage Options

Our divan bed bases have a number of storage options. Opt for an ottoman style bed base, with both side-lift and end-lift options available, ensuring you get the right storage solution for your needs.

We offer a number of drawer options too, such as conti-drawers, four drawers, left-side drawers only, and right-side drawers only.

3. Interesting Styles

There are plenty of ways to decorate a bedroom. Whether you want a bed divan base to match the existing interior, or you want the bed base to be the focal point and you decorate around your centrepiece. We offer plenty of styles and colours to help you get the perfect bed for you.

Low framed beds offer that modern feel as the bed base is closely situated to the ground. 

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