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Barcelona Oak and Mattress Combo Competition!


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Take Your Next Dinner Party By Storm With The Cloud

Described as a ‘nightlight/night speaker hybrid’, the ‘Cloud’ offers a soothing experience whether just using it as a lamp or as a musically activated speaker.

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Wee! Turn Your Stairs Into a Slide In Seconds

Many children are told they should not play on the stairs, but with the SlideRider it is encouraged! Kids and adults alike will be envious of anyone who has the SlideRider installed on their stairs at home. Does this even have the potential to be installed at a business complex too?

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Villa Fit for an Aviator

Spending the majority of your professional career in the skies can have a significant effect on you. An effect that sees you attracted to the idea of living ‘in the skies’. It’s no surprised that this retired air pilot craved more than just a home planted firmly into the ground. This “Villa for an Aviator” was built from salvaged aeroplane parts in the state of New York with the intension of giving its occupant the feeling of living in space surrounded by open sky.

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Why it’s ok to snooze on the job: The benefits of napping

When I was a child, I remember hating nap time. Sleeping was boring and all I wanted to do was play, read or generally follow my Mum around and pretend to act ‘grown up’.

Posted: 07/03/2014 / By: Louise / Loading Comments...

The World's Quietest Room is TOO Quiet!

U.S Minneapolis’ Orfield Laboratories have created what is said to be the quietest room in the world. It sounds like the ultimate recluse after that particularly busy and stressful day, but before you start  booking your flight, know that the longest anyone has been able to bear is 45 minutes alone in the room.

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New Shaker Children's Bunk Bed Just In

Children’s bunk beds are a fantastic versatile and space-saving option for houses where floor space is at a premium. Although in the past, children’s bunk beds have largely tended towards a more functional style, you will see that our bunk beds are far from boring or staid. And our latest addition to the wooden bunk beds range – The Shaker - is no exception.

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Bringing Together Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattresses

Today we’re pleased to announce the arrival of yet another new product to the MyBedFrames memory foam mattress category, the PocketFLEX mattress.

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Memory Foam Mattresses to Keep You Cool

Our popular memory foam mattresses category has recently received a substantial update, with the addition of a number of new and innovative offerings designed to keep you cool whilst you sleep.

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Folding Beds a Great Option for Carers

The recent summer period of trading has seen a significant increase in the number of folding beds that we’ve sold here at MyBedFrames. As a ‘distance seller’, we sell over the Internet and directly to customers who phone us, and we’ve taken a number of calls from live-in carers that are looking for a guest bed that won’t take up valuable space when not in use.

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Did You Know That MyBedFrames Offers Free Delivery?

They say that nothing in this life is free, but we know that sometimes, there are exceptions to this kind of ‘rule’. A perfect example is MyBedFrames’ FREE DELIVERY promise on all orders placed in the mainland UK.

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We've Added A New Headboards Section!

Here at MyBedFrames, we like to make things easy for our customers – easy product filtering, easy product viewing, and easyprices - anything anyone could want from an online bed frames store!

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