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8 Creative Bedroom Ceiling Ideas

When it comes to decorating, there’s an area that’s always overlooked – and it’s one of the biggest surface areas in almost every room; the ceiling!

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6 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Luxurious

Everyone deserves a bit of luxury, and with the average person spending almost a third of their life asleep, it makes sense to transform your bedroom into the ultimate luxurious retreat.

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11 Interior Designers On Instagram You Need To Follow

When stuck in a lull of un-inspirational thoughts, finding that something to pick you back up can be hard. Instagram however is a banquet full of inspiration and creativeness that would get anyone interested in interior design fired up.

Posted: 11/08/2014 / By: Matt / Loading Comments...

Break the Mould: 12 Stunning Bedroom Designs

It’s very easy to go down the route of decorating a bedroom in the more traditional manner. Heck, a style becomes traditional for a reason; it works. But why not take some inspiration from these 12 bedrooms that just break the mould of decorating as we know it, and dive head first out of our comfort zone. You may surprise yourself! If you still find yourself craving some more inspirational designs, check out our 17 boho bed ideas article.

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14 alternative ways to decorate walls without paint

So does your landlord says you can’t paint the walls? Or is the idea of re-painting just too messy and time-consuming?

Posted: 24/02/2014 / By: Louise / Loading Comments...

Purple Children’s Bedrooms: Shop The Look

Purple is a versatile colour that looks great in most rooms, but is most commonly used to decorate bedrooms.

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17 Boho Bed Ideas

The ‘bohemian’ look is an increasingly popular trend which is associated with people who live unconventional and artistic lives.

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5 of the Worst Valentines Bedroom Ideas to Avoid at All Costs

It’s nearly that time of year again; the day couples everywhere forget that they have another 364 days to show their appreciation to one another, and go all-out on over-the-top and expensive gifts.

Posted: 07/02/2014 / By: Louise / Loading Comments...

18 Ways to Make Your Bedroom the Ultimate Sleep-Friendly Zone

Sleeping is a natural process that happens to each and every one of us at night time. We all know that sleep is important for us to properly function, but scientists are still not 100% certain why.

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Why You Should Consider Faux Leather Bed Frames

By perusing our leather bed frames category you’ll find that we have a large selection, many of which are actually faux leather bed frames. We actually find that our faux leather beds are amongst some of the most popular of all the bed frames that we sell, perhaps because:

Posted: 18/04/2011 / By: lee / Loading Comments...

Different Types of Bunk Beds

For decades, bunk beds have been an extremely popular children’s bed option, largely thanks to their practical, space-saving design.

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What is the Best Guest Bed?

Updated 6/7/15

Posted: 25/03/2011 / By: lee / Loading Comments...

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