6 Best Divan Bed Bases For 2022 - A Buyer’s Guide

There’s a reason why divan beds have stayed popular for so long. Their functionality allows them to be suitable for almost any home, providing a strong and sturdy base while utilising that space under the base for storage options.

A lot of flexibility is at play when it comes to storage options. From four drawers to right-sided drawers only, divan beds allow you to customise your bed base to suit your personalised needs.

In this guide, we will explore the 6 best divan bed base options letting you make an informed decision about which style would be best for you.

Platform Top Divan Bed Base

Our Platform Top Divan Bed Base is our entry-level model that provides outstanding quality at an affordable price. Manufactured by a member of the Nation Bed Federation in the UK.

The base is constructed from high-grade spruce timber allowing for exceptional support for all varieties of mattresses.

Choose from 11 modern vibrant fabric colours to help compliment and co-ordinate with your current bedroom decor.

Enjoy the white anti-slip mattress fabric, ensuring your mattress will stay in position once placed down.

There are four drawer selections to choose from to help you get the most out of the space underneath. No need to worry about items gathering dust under your bed as they will now be safely stored away in our easy-glide drawers.

The small single (2’6’’) and standard single (3’0’’) will be delivered in one piece while the small double (4’0’’), standard double (4’6’’), king size (5’0’’) and super king size (6’0’’) will be delivered in two pieces to help make getting the base to your desired room of choice as easy as possible.

Low Divan Bed Base on Chrome Glides

The Low Divan Bed Base (8 inches/20cm high) is perfect for those bedrooms where access is tight. Converted attics can be tough to furnish with many standard pieces of furniture not designed to be manoeuvred up narrow flights of stairs.

But our Low Divan Bed Base is ideal for this situation. This bed base also helps for those rooms that have low eaves, enabling you to utilise as much room as possible.

Constructed from the best quality timber, making the product long-lasting, which is reflected in the extensive 10-year guarantee.

While the Low Divan Bed Base is commonly bought for aesthetic purposes, there are also health reasons why you may choose a low bed frame. Finding the right bed height for yourself and your partner can be confusing, which is why we have written a guide to help you overcome such questions.

Choose from 11 beautiful fabric colours or provide your own fabric and we can have this made for you at no additional charge.

Divan Bed Base On Wooden Legs

Similar to the Low Divan Bed Base, but with the pleasing aesthetic of 6-inch wooden legs, allowing a small amount of room underneath the bed base while being a great option for those people who do not prefer a taller bed.

This model is again great for converted attics or bedrooms with low eaves.

Available in 6 standard UK sizes and 11 beautiful fabric colours, you get to customise your bed base to suit your preferences.

The high-quality timber construction makes this bed base long-lasting, which is reflected by its 10-year guarantee.

The overall bed base height (including the legs) is 12 inches (30cm) and the space underneath the base for storage is 6 inches (15cm).

Reinforced Heavy Duty Divan Bed Base

Of a similar mould to our entry-level Platform Top Divan Bed Base, our Reinforced Divan is there to provide extra stability where needed. Whether you’re a heavier person or would prefer to sleep in comfort knowing you’re on a bed base specifically reinforced, this model is for you.

Made with solid 18 MFC sides and ends with a stronger reinforced wooden top to ensure its sturdiness lasts for years to come.

The strong wooden corner joints will help provide great support across the entire mattress, ensuring the mattress will not sag or dip in unwanted areas.

Choose from the same beautiful 11 fabric colours as our other models, 6 UK standard sizes and 4 storage options to help you get the best out of this wonderful bed base.

The anti-slip fabric is neatly overlaid giving a seamless finish, preventing any mattress from moving.

Ottoman Storage Side Lift Divan Bed Base

Our Ottoman Side Lift Divan Bed Base is incredibly sturdy. This is due to the reinforced solid base to ensure any heavy items stored in the base are safe and secure.

Regarded as a fantastic storage solution, the lift mechanism is incredibly easy to operate (even with the mattress and bedding still sitting on the base). The ottoman base is fixed with heavy-duty hydraulic gas lift pistons that can be found on either side of the base.

The deep internal storage allows for a great deal of storage (10 inches deep) ensuring your belongings are neatly stored away for future use.

Available in 4 standard UK sizes and with the same choice of 11 beautiful fabrics so you can compliment your new ottoman with the current decor of your bedroom.

A perfect solution for bedrooms with tight spaces as the mattress will lift up as opposed to other storage options like drawers where they pull outwards.

Ottoman Storage End Lift Divan Bed Base

As an alternative to the Side Lift Ottoman Divan Base, we have our End Lift Ottoman Divan Base. Manufactured in the same way, with a strong solid base to securely store heavy items, the End Lift Ottoman is a fantastic choice for those wishing to store items out of sight.

The process of lifting up the top to reveal the storage compartment underneath is made easy due to the heavy-duty hydraulic pistons. No matter the weight of your mattress, the hydraulic pistons will make light work of it.

Every bed base size from a small double (4’0’’) or larger will come as two bases that sit neatly together. Lifting the ottoman will require both hands, one on each ottoman base lid.

The heavy-duty base is constructed from 18mm MFC and finished in a light oak wipe clean finish. The very best timber and other quality materials are used to make this product long-lasting. So long in fact that we offer an extensive 10-year guarantee.

Available in 6 standard UK sizes and available in 11 beautiful fabric colours.

What Is A Divan Bed?

Divan beds are one of the most popular types of beds in the UK. This speaks highly for the quality of sleep they can provide.

Known as ‘divan bed’, ‘divan set’ or just ‘divan’ they are commonly sold as a standalone base or sold in combination with a mattress. Our sister site, HotelContractBeds, sells both Zip & Link Beds and Divan Beds as a combo, whereas here at MyBedFrames we sell the divan bed bases separately from our mattresses.

Divan bed bases are fabric upholstered wooden boxes that have been manufactured from high-quality timber. Built to last, divan beds are one of the sturdiest bed types on the market - providing a solid base for your mattress.

For any small double (4’0’’) divan bed base size or bigger, you’ll find that they are manufactured in two parts. These parts sit seamlessly side-by-side to create the full bed.

The fact they are easily separated makes them much easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces such as stairwells and doorways.

How Easy Is Divan Bed Assembly?

In a word. Very.

Divan beds are one of the easiest types of beds to assemble. The hard work has already been done for you. They will arrive in two parts (one part if you order a single or smaller size), complete with divan legs and a headboard if you’ve chosen one.

  1. Turn both halves upside-down and attach the divan legs
  2. Turn both bases back over and push them together to create a seamless fit
  3. Secure them together using the already attached locking clips
  4. Attach your chosen headboard using the concealed headboard fittings

Does My Divan Bed Come With A Mattress?

It is common for divan bases to come complete with a mattress. These are known as ‘divan beds’ or ‘divan sets’.

At MyBedFrames we sell divan bases separately from our mattresses. If you are looking for a mattress to go with your new divan base, our friendly team will be more than happy to help walk you through our options:

Our mattresses consist of a variety of depths, materials, pocket springs & firmness' so you can properly tailor your new mattress to your ideal preferences.

Does My Divan Bed Come With Storage?

Many of our divan bed bases come with storage options. Our low divan bed base and divan bed base on legs are the only divans without storage options.

However, the rest either have built-in storage or storage options to choose from.

Here’s a list of storage options available with our divan bed bases:

  • Four Drawer
  • Left Side Drawers Only
  • Right Side Drawers Only
  • Conti-Drawers
  • End-Lift Ottoman (built-in storage)
  • Side-Lift Ottoman (built-in storage)

One of the main advantages of divan beds is the storage that they can provide. Gone are the days of trying to hide items underneath your bed while they gather dust.

Our easy to pullout or pullup storage hides away unsightly items using either our easy-glide runners or our heavy-duty pistons which can be found in our ottoman models.

Does My Divan Bed Come With a Headboard?

No. Our divan headboards are sold separately.

All of our headboards are easily attachable with the help of the concealed headboard fittings - making your life easier and getting your new bed frame up and ready as soon as possible.

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