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King Size Beds (5’0’’)

How big is a king size bed?

King size bed frames really start to stand out from the pack. Not long are they wider, they also provide more length than their predecessors (single, small double, and double). You’ll find that a king size bed frame is 5 feet wide (150cm) and 6 feet 6 inches long (200cm). 

Compared to a double (4 feet 5 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long), you’ll notice quite a dramatic difference in sleeping space. For more information on bed sizes, read our UK Bed Sizes: The Bed and Mattress Size Guide.

How big should a bedroom be to comfortably fit a king size bed?

Before purchasing, it is very important to consider whether your bedroom can fully accommodate your desired king size bed frame and fully fit the rest of your bedroom furniture as well.

The traditional dimensions above do not take into account other aspects of bed frames that might be a part of the bed you want. For instance, scroll bed frames feature large headboards and footends which will increase the size of your overall bed frame.

As a general rule, any bedroom that is 400cm in width and length can comfortably fit a king size bed frame and any accompanying bedroom furniture.

Another consideration is you may need to account for extra space for certain types of bed frames. Divan bed frames with side drawers will need extra space on the bed side with the drawer so it can be fully pulled out. Whereas an ottoman bed frame will not need this consideration due to the storage compartment living up instead.

What are the benefits of a king size bed frame?

The huge width when choosing a king size bed frame means choosing luxury. King size beds are extremely popular with couples who like their own space. When sleeping in a king size bed, rarely will you find your sleeping position affecting your partner since there is ample room for both of you.

An often overlooked feature of king size beds is the length. All its predecessors (single, small double, and double) are all 6 feet 3 inches in length, but a king size has an extra 3 inches on its length, ideal for those people who are above average in height.

What types of king size bed frames are available?

King size bed frames come in a huge array of types so finding your perfect bed frame should not be an issue.

Divan - All of our divan bed bases are manufactured in the UK and have become one of our best sellers. Featuring a large range of fabric colours along with a choice of drawers to select from, divan beds are all the rage. Each divan bed base is fitted with a white anti-slip mattress fabric ensuring your mattress will stay put.

Tall Headboard - Wanting to make your king size bed the centrepiece of your bedroom? We offer a great selection of king size bed frames with tall headboards just for that.

Ottoman - The perfect space-saving solution. Ottoman storage bed frames utilise the space underneath the mattress as storage. Gone are the days of unsightly boxes being seen from other the bed frame. Use the easy-to-lift ottoman mechanism to declutter your bedroom for good.

Modern - Our modern range of king size bed frames come in all styles. From block-like minimalist metal frames to sumptuous fabric frames. 

Antique - If you’re after a more traditional style, why not check out our antique-like bed frames. Largely consisting of metal frames, our antique-style bed frames feature intricate metal detailing for that classic feel.