Why You Should Consider Faux Leather Bed Frames

Why You Should Consider Faux Leather Bed Frames

By perusing our leather bed frames category you’ll find that we have a large selection, many of which are actually faux leather bed frames. We actually find that our faux leather beds are amongst some of the most popular of all the bed frames that we sell, perhaps because:

  • It’s an affordable ‘luxury’ upholstery option
  • Faux leather is relatively easy to clean and maintain
  • Faux leather is family-friendly, as it’s less prone to staining
  • As a non-animal-based product, faux leather is more desirable to vegetarians and vegans

There may be a multitude of other reasons why customers opt for faux leather, perhaps simply because they prefer the look and feel of a particular faux leather bed. But if you’ve been thinking about acquiring a faux leather bed from MyBedFrames, here are a few reasons to help you make your purchase:

1. Affordable

As we’ve already said, faux leather is a much more affordable ‘luxury’ bed frame option; it offers the look and soft feel of real leather at a fraction of the cost. The only down-side in this regard is that as a material, faux leather is not quite as robust as real leather, so is slightly more susceptible to wear and tear, scuffing or ripping, so requires more care and maintenance.

2. No Imperfections

As a manufactured material, faux leather tends to be much more uniform in texture and colour, and the chance of any imperfections being present in the faux leather bed frame is virtually nil.

3. Easy to keep clean and maintain

Faux leather has a treated surface, so it’s easy to keep clean and maintain in good condition. Simple measures, such as keeping the faux leather out of direct sunlight to avoid fading will help retain a good-as-new appearance. Cleaning is as easy as using warm, soapy water and a lint-free cloth, although there are a range of faux leather cleaners and polishes on the market.

4. Extra storage

If you’re looking for seamless, hidden storage then our range of ottoman-style faux leather beds – such as the Vienna Ottoman - are just the ticket. These beds incorporate over 4 times the storage space of your average divan bed within the base. A simple lift-up, drop-down mechanism reveals copious amounts of storage space inside the bed base, offering a simple but extremely practical storage solution.

5. Contemporary styling for the modern home

Whether you’re in favour of a sleigh-bed style, prefer a high-back headboard, or would rather opt for a low slung bed frame with an open foot end, our faux leather beds offer an added contemporary twist to your bedroom decor scheme. The selection of black, mocha and cream perfectly complement muted neutrals and bold accent colours alike.

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