Bedding Size Guide: Your Bed Linen Size Chart

When choosing the correct bed linen, the rule of thumb is to start with your mattress size but not to end there. A mismatch in the dimensions can lead to less-than-ideal bedding situations.

Navigating the world of bed linens can be a complex affair given the variety of sizes, styles, and materials available. Staying current with industry standards is essential for ensuring that the bed linen you purchase will fit perfectly and look great.

In the UK, where sizing can differ from other regions, it’s particularly important to be familiar with the exact dimensions that define categories like single, double, king, and super king.

From snuggling up under a cosy duvet cover to laying your head down on a plush pillowcase, or fitting a sheet snugly around your mattress, understanding the nuances of UK bed linen sizes means you can create a seamless and stylish bedroom ensemble.

Up-to-date knowledge allows for informed decisions, whether you’re looking for the enveloping luxury of a larger-than-mattress duvet or the precise fit of a fitted sheet, ensuring your comfort as well as the longevity of your beddings.

With our comprehensive guide, you’ll find all the measurements and insights necessary to navigate the array of options available. Let us take the guesswork out of bedding, leaving you to enjoy the comfort and beauty of perfectly chosen linens.

UK Duvet Cover Sizes

In the UK, selecting the right duvet size is crucial for comfort and aesthetics. Bedding sizes conform to the dimensions of standard UK beds, with common duvet sizes including single, double, king, and super king.

The correct duvet size not only offers warmth but also contributes to the overall look of the bedroom. Understanding these dimensions ensures a well-fitted duvet for an inviting sleep sanctuary.

Whether you’re tucking in a child or dressing a master suite, matching your duvet to your mattress size or opting for an oversized duvet can elevate the comfort and style of your bedding ensemble.

Duvet Size Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (inches)
Single 135 x 200 53 x 79
Double 200 x 200 79 x 79
King 225 x 220 89 x 87
Super King 260 x 220 102 x 87

Single Duvet Cover Size

The UK single duvet size is a comfortable 135cm by 200cm, exceeding the dimensions of a standard single mattress by 45cm in width. This extra fabric allowance gives the sleeper unrestricted movement and ample warmth.

It's an important detail to remember, as fitted sheets need to match the mattress, not the duvet size, to ensure the bed feels as inviting as it looks.

Double Duvet Cover Size

The standard double duvet size comes in at 200cm by 200cm, dwarfing its mattress which measures 135cm by 190cm. This size difference allows the duvet to hang over the sides of the bed, preventing any drafts and providing a comfortable sleep experience.

King Duvet Cover Size

For those with a king-size bed, which is 150cm by 200cm, selecting the correct duvet size is critical. A king-size duvet in the UK is more generously sized at 225cm by 220cm.

This larger duvet extends beyond the mattress edge, providing extra warmth and ensuring that every part of the mattress is covered. This size choice is particularly beneficial for those who may find standard sizes too restrictive.

Super King Duvet Cover Size

Super king-size beds provide the ultimate in space and luxury, measuring 180cm by 200cm. To create a heavenly sleeping experience, super king duvets measure 260cm by 220cm, allowing for a significant overhang on the sides and bottom of the bed.

This size is ideal for anyone who values extra space while sleeping or for couples who prefer not to share duvet space.

Considerations for Children's Bedding

Selecting the right duvet size for children demands extra care. Infants should not use duvets due to the risk of overheating. For children over one year old, you can employ a standard single duvet, but with attentive supervision.

For cot beds, the ideal duvet size is 80cm by 120cm, and for toddler beds, the recommended size increases to 100cm by 120cm.

For a small double mattress, which is 120cm by 190cm, you may opt for either a standard double duvet or the 'small double' size, measuring 170cm by 200cm, to ensure the bedding fits snugly and offers optimal warmth.

Does Duvet Size Matter for Mattress Size?

The choice of duvet size is not strictly contingent on your mattress size. Some individuals prefer an oversized duvet for additional coverage and warmth, such as a double duvet for a single bed or a king-size for a double bed. It's a personal decision that hinges on one's preference for comfort and styling, as well as the practical aspects of warmth and insulation during cooler nights.

Matching your duvet to your bed size might seem straightforward but going a size up or considering the specific needs of different family members can significantly enhance sleeping comfort.

With this guide, you're now equipped to make an informed choice for bedding that promises a cosy, inviting, and restful slumber.

UK Pillowcase Sizes

Before diving into the delightful task of selecting fabrics and hues for new pillowcases, it's essential to get the sizing right. The array of options, from standard to Oxford to king size, can be baffling.

This guide aims to demystify pillowcase sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your pillows before you indulge in the aesthetic pleasures of choosing your bedding's texture and tone.

Pillowcase Type Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (inches)
Standard Pillowcase 50 x 75 20 x 30
Oxford Pillowcase 50 x 75 + border 20 x 30 + border
King Pillowcase 50 x 90 20 x 35
Square Pillowcase 65 x 65 26 x 26

The Standard Pillowcase

Crafted for cosiness, the standard pillowcase with its precise dimensions of 50 x 75cm is made for a tailored fit to your pillow. This snug embrace ensures a smooth, seamless surface, perfect for a restful night's sleep. Laid across a single bed or coupled for a double, these pillowcases offer both function and form for various bed sizes.

The Housewife Pillowcase

The housewife pillowcase shares dimensions with its standard counterpart but comes with a twist—a hidden flap born from the innovation of Bolton's industrious Housewives Cooperative. This practical feature discreetly guards against pillow escapees, proving that the best inventions often come from home.

The Oxford Pillowcase

Enter the Oxford pillowcase, the standard's size-twin with a flair for the ornamental. It mirrors the 50 x 75cm interior, but its defining feature is a generous border hem, creating a framed effect for those who deem their bed a canvas and their linens, art.

The King Size Pillowcase

Stretching to accommodate longer pillows, the king size pillowcase is the tall drink of water in the pillowcase family. At 50 x 90cm, these extended linens fit for royalty adorn king beds with ease, often appearing under the guises of Super King, XL, and other grand titles. Double-check those size charts, though—majestic as they are, consistency is king.

The Square Pillowcase

Square pillowcases aren't just square by shape but by name, measuring a symmetrical 65 x 65cm. These are not just pillows but statement pieces, often bordered like their Oxford cousins for an added dash of design prowess.

The Small Rectangle Pillowcase

Navigating the world of pillow sizes, we stumble upon the lesser-spoken-of but equally important small rectangle pillowcase. These miniatures of comfort are not standardised in size, often tailored to specific pillow needs or smaller bedding arrangements.

They can range in dimensions and provide a perfect accent to layered bedding or travel-sized rest. Keep an eye out for them where specialty pillows are sold—they're the unsung heroes of bespoke bedding.

UK Bed Sheet Sizes

In the UK, the variety of bed sheets available caters to different preferences and needs, ensuring that everyone can find the right type for their comfort and style.

Here's an overview of the most common types of bed sheets you can find in the UK:

Bed Sheet Type Size Name Dimensions (cm) Dimensions (inches)
Flat Sheets Single 180 x 260 71 x 102
Double 230 x 260 91 x 102
King 275 x 275 108 x 108
Super King 305 x 275 120 x 108
Fitted Sheets Single 90 x 190 + depth 35 x 75 + depth
Double 135 x 190 + depth 53 x 75 + depth
King 150 x 200 + depth 59 x 79 + depth
Super King 180 x 200 + depth 71 x 79 + depth
Deep Fitted Sheets Single 90 x 190 + depth 35 x 75 + depth
Double 135 x 190 + depth 53 x 75 + depth
King 150 x 200 + depth 59 x 79 + depth
Super King 180 x 200 + depth 71 x 70 + depth
Valance Sheets Single 90 x 190 + drop 35 x 75 + drop
Double 135 x 190 + drop 53 x 75 + drop
King 150 x 200 + drop 59 x 79 + drop
Super King 180 x 200 + drop 71 x 79 + drop
Base Valances Single 90 x 190 + drop 35 x 75 + drop
Double 135 x 190 + drop 53 x 75 + drop
King 150 x 200 + drop 59 x 79 + drop
Super King 180 x 200 + drop 71 x 79 + drop

The "depth" in fitted and deep fitted sheets refers to the height of the mattress they're meant to cover and can typically range from 15 cm (approximately 6 inches) to about 36 cm (approximately 14 inches) for extra deep sheets. The "drop" in valance sheets refers to the length of the fabric skirt designed to cover the sides of the bed base, which can also vary but is commonly around 38 cm (approximately 15 inches) to 41 cm (approximately 16 inches).

When shopping for sheets, always check the specific packaging for the exact dimensions, as brands may offer slightly different sizes and depths to fit a variety of mattress models.

Flat Sheets

Flat sheets are the traditional choice for many, providing a lightweight and versatile top layer that can be tucked in or draped loosely over the bed. They come in various sizes to match all bed types, from single to super king.

Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets come with elasticated corners designed to hug the mattress snugly, ensuring the sheet stays in place throughout the night. They are tailored to fit the exact dimensions of the mattress, reducing the need for tucking and re-adjusting.

Deep Fitted Sheets

Similar to standard fitted sheets, deep fitted sheets are made with extra material and deeper pockets to accommodate thicker mattresses or mattresses topped with mattress protectors or toppers.

Valance Sheets

Valance sheets combine the practicality of a fitted sheet with an integrated skirt that drapes down to cover the bed base, adding a touch of elegance and concealment of any under-bed storage (such as divan beds)

Base Valances

Base valances are designed to go directly over the bed base, sitting underneath the mattress. They serve a purely decorative purpose, hiding the bed base with a stylish touch.

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