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How big is a super king size bed?

Super King Size Beds are the biggest UK standard size available on the market. They measure 6ft 6in (198cm) long and 6ft (183cm) wide, making it a true giant in the bedroom. Should you not have the space to comfortably fit a super king size bed in, you may wish to opt for a King Size bed frame instead. While they are both equal in length (6ft 6in), the king is one foot smaller in width.

For those couples wishing for as much space as possible while sleeping, Super King Bed Frames are the ideal choice. Enjoy the freedom that Super King Bed Frames provide as you’re able to sleep in almost any position without fear of disturbing your partner.

For a complete guide on UK bed sizes, read our UK Bed Sizes: The Bed And Mattress Size Guide.

What type of super king size bed frames are available?

Divan - Each and every one of our divan bed bases are manufactured in the UK and have quickly become one of our best sellers. Every divan comes in a large range of beautiful fabric colours along with a choice of storage drawer options (depending on the type of divan you’re looking at). Each divan bed base is fitted with a white anti-slip mattress fabric enduring your mattress will stay put.

Ottoman - Often the go-to for bed frames with storage. Ottoman bed frames offer an easily-accessible under-mattress storage compartment that will help you free your bedroom of clutter.

Sleigh - Make your bed frame the centrepiece of your bedroom with a super king size sleigh frame. Equipt with large ‘scroll’ like foot and headboards that create a large sense of grandeur. 

Tall Headboard - Should a sleigh bed frame be too large for your bedroom, but you still wish for a tall headboard, these bed frames are the ideal choice. Often seen with smaller footboards.

Modern - Our large range of modern bed frames are perfect for almost any bedroom. They come in a variety of styles such as minimalist metal block-like frames to sumptuous fabric frames.

Antique - For a more traditional style with intricate detailing, opt for our antique style bed frames.

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