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Metal Bed Frames at MyBedFrames

Metal bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, ideal for both children and adults. Due to their generally slender design, metal bed frames can fit into almost any bedroom, no matter the size or style.

Choosing the best size for your metal bed frame

If you have your heart set on a metal bed frame, the next thing to decide is it’s size. Due to their versatility and popularity, metal bed frames are available in all sizes. Double (4’6’’) and King Size (5’0’’) frames are by far the most popular bed frame sizes as they can comfortably fit two adults. For that more ‘extravagant’ look, view our Super King Size (6’0’’) metal frames that would surely add that ‘wow’ factor to your bedroom. Small Double (4’0’’) and Single (3’0’’) bed frame are also available - ideal for those smaller rooms and for children.

As mentioned above, metal day beds are a great option. Especially for those rooms where space is limited, or the room is multifunctional, such as a child’s playroom. Most of our metal day beds are available with a roll out guest bed underneath.

Choosing the best style of metal bed frame

Whether you need a metal bed frame to suit your current bedroom style, or you want a statement piece to be the focus of your room, here at MyBedFrames we have you covered.

From Antique to Modern, from Low Foot Ends to Tall Headboards, we have a large array of styles and colours to suit your desires.

Due to metal being a very versatile material to work with, you can end up with a very intricate looking bed frame with very fine details, or opt for a modern smooth looking bedroom that just completes a room in a simplistic manner.

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