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Ottoman Beds

Bed frames generally take up a large portion of someone's bedroom. A lot of the time space underneath the bed frame is wasted. However with an ottoman, you can take full advantage of that space as they are specifically designed to grant you vast amounts of storage space. Each of our ottomans are equip with an easy to use gas lift function, which requires minimal effort to lift up.

Bring additional storage into your home buy purchasing one of our fantastic ottoman storage bed frames. But don't worry – it won’t cost you the earth, as you can save up to 60% off the RRP of our ottoman bed frame collection.

Our selection of Super King Size, King Size, Double, Small Double, and Single ottoman bed frames offer storage for every eventuality. The contemporary styling of our low foot end frames and higher footend models will make an impact in any room as well as offering storage facilities.

Whether you’re looking for something that would look right at home in the humblest of rural cottage bedrooms, or perhaps want to opt for an altogether contemporary ottoman bed frame that serves as the focal point of your bedroom, then you’re sure to find what you need right here at MyBedFrames.

Choosing the right ottoman bed frame size

For small bedrooms, a single or a small double ottoman is perfect. Not everyone has the luxury of larger rooms, and with an ottoman you can take advantage of the extra storage space provided by an ottoman bed frame.

Our two most popular sizes are the king size and the double. Both of these provide enough space for you to share a bed with your partner, while also allowing you to store your things beneath you without getting in the way.

We also sell super king size ottoman beds.

Space saving solutions with ottoman beds

Those who have an ottoman bed frame already will likely tell you just how practical they really are. Gone are the days of trying to hide boxes under bed frames or hauling them into the loft to be out of sight. 

Ottoman storage bed frames allow you to quickly and easily storage away things you don't want on show. Quickly hide those Christmas presents or store away those winter jackets while summer rolls round.


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