• Lifetime frame guarantee
  • Free Delivery
  • 360° castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for regular use
  • Sprung slatted base
  • High performance mattress

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The J-Bed is created without compromise, made using only the finest materials, the anodised aluminium frame is lightweight and rests on high quality 360° castors so you can manoeuvre and operate it easily. Precision injection moulded components compliment the stylish appearance and the exclusive J-Lok® folding mechanism enables you to open and close it effortlessly - one side at a time.

The J-bed has a lifetime frame guarantee and is suitable for regular use. It exceeds British and European quality standards for this type of product. The lightweight anodised aluminium frame is both lightweight and easy to use.

Tailored in a high performance fabric for greater durability, the two-metre length mattress combines a top layer of soft fibre with a higher density base layer for exceptional support and comfort. This Jay-Be guest bed also achieves higher British, European and International performance standards than normal domestic beds making it suitable for the extra demands of contract use.

Delivery time on this product is 7-14 days and comes with free delivery.

Approximate Dimensions when closed:

J-Bed® Folding Bed -closed

                                 Height                 Width                  Depth

Single                        112cm / 44"      96cm / 38"       38cm / 15"

Double                      112cm / 44"     123cm / 48"      38cm / 15"

 Approximate Dimensions when open:

 J-Bed® Folding Bed -open

                                  Height                Width                  Depth

Single                          42cm / 17"       96cm / 38"        204cm / 80

Double                        42cm / 17"     123cm / 38"        204cm / 80"

Accreditations relating to the Mattress

- BS EN 597-1 - FR requirement

- BS EN 597-2 - FR requirement

- BS 6807 - Clause 9 (Source 5)

 FR requirement

- BS 7177 Contract -

 FR requirements

- 16 CFR 1633 Standard