Wee! Turn Your Stairs Into a Slide In Seconds

Many children are told they should not play on the stairs, but with the SlideRider it is encouraged! Kids and adults alike will be envious of anyone who has the SlideRider installed on their stairs at home. Does this even have the potential to be installed at a business complex too?

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Know Your Zzz's - How Much Do You Know About Sleep?

We all enjoy sleep, some more than others. And we all know that sleep is an important part of staying healthy. There are numerous studies depicting how much sleep we should get, and many of the studies claiming that we as a nation don’t get enough.

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Break the Mould: 12 Stunning Bedroom Designs

It’s very easy to go down the route of decorating a bedroom in the more traditional manner. Heck, a style becomes traditional for a reason; it works. But why not take some inspiration from these 12 bedrooms that just break the mould of decorating as we know it, and dive head first out of our comfort zone. You may surprise yourself! If you still find yourself craving some more inspirational designs, check out our 17 boho bed ideas article.

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Villa Fit for an Aviator

Spending the majority of your professional career in the skies can have a significant effect on you. An effect that sees you attracted to the idea of living ‘in the skies’. It’s no surprised that this retired air pilot craved more than just a home planted firmly into the ground. This “Villa for an Aviator” was built from salvaged aeroplane parts in the state of New York with the intension of giving its occupant the feeling of living in space surrounded by open sky.

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37 Baking Soda Hacks You Must Know About

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate is useful for so many more things than just making your cakes taste better. Baking soda should win an award for the more useful product ever. As a general rule, anything that smells can be deodorized with the right application of baking soda.

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Control Your Dreams Like Never Before

Lucid dreaming is essentially possessing the ability to know you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming and is a very sought after skill that can takes years of practice to master. With this ability, the possibilities within your dreams are endless, and you will be able to control them.

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8 Atmospheric Books to Save for Bedtime

Ever since I was a young girl, I have enjoyed nothing better than reading a good book before bed. Sometimes, I would stay up until the early hours of the morning without realising how much time had passed; the obvious sign that a book has  become an instant favourite.

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Men Vs. Women - Sleeping Habits (Infographic)

Sleep is something we can all relate to as we need sleep in order to function properly throughout the day. Many of us have specific habits when preparing for bed, and sometimes these habits can be interrupted by our surroundings which may disrupt our sleeping pattern. This can leave us feeling groggy in the morning.

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How to prepare your bedroom wall for painting

It’s amazing how many people fail to prepare properly when it comes to decorating and painting, but it’s an essential stage to complete if you want to save time and money in the long run.

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Why it’s ok to snooze on the job: The benefits of napping

When I was a child, I remember hating nap time. Sleeping was boring and all I wanted to do was play, read or generally follow my Mum around and pretend to act ‘grown up’.

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14 alternative ways to decorate walls without paint

So does your landlord says you can’t paint the walls? Or is the idea of re-painting just too messy and time-consuming?

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Purple Children’s Bedrooms: Shop The Look

Purple is a versatile colour that looks great in most rooms, but is most commonly used to decorate bedrooms.

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